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Inuvik Web Services delivers world-class computing, storage solutions, system management, business applications and IT resources to private and public sector organizations across the Canadian Arctic.

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What can the cloud do for me?

Simply put, the cloud eliminates the need for you to purchase, host or maintain your own computing hardware. With a simple internet connection, you gain immediate and unlimited access to the same IT resources as the world's largest companies and government organizations.

You can use as little as you need or as much as you want for a fraction of the cost of operating your own computers. The cloud delivers instant and affordable access to both everyday IT resources like data storage and to cutting-edge technologies like machine learning.

Cost Savings

Not only does cloud computing minimize your labour and the burden of equipment, it provides the freedom to test your ideas without any commitment or capital.

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Security & Compliance

Since the cloud is designed, built and maintained by the world's most skilled security engineers, your workloads on the cloud are as safe as theirs.

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Performance & Productivity

With the cloud undergoing constant improvement and technological upgrade, you never have to worry about your IT resources becoming obsolete.

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Reliability & Agility

Given the cloud is relied on 24/7 by the most popular apps and busiest websites, you can trust that your critical workloads will also be available when they are needed.

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Success Stories

Case Studies on Cloud Adoption

Discover how public sector organizations and private industries of all sizes are using cloud technology to improve their business outcomes and achieve their objectives.

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ITV is a British free-to-air television network. It was launched in 1955 as Independent Television.
AWS is How: ITV Delivers a Cloud-Based Live Streaming Solution

ITV feels confident that its live streams will continue to run even in the event of failure.

The University of British Columbia’s Cloud Innovation Centre is leading the Serratus project.
University of British Columbia Identifies 130,000 New Viruses in 11 Days
University of British Columbia

Using AWS, Serratus can process over one million libraries of next-generation sequencing data per day

One of the attractions was access to a suite of infrastructure services within the new Canadian AWS region.
Ottawa Hospital Research Institute Puts Immunizations in the Cloud Using AWS
Ottawa Hospital

The Ottawa Hospital Research Institute is the research arm of The Ottawa Hospital.

Who uses cloud technologies?

That's easy - everyone! From the apps on your phone to the movies you stream and the photos you share, everything online is delivered using computing power, data storage and other IT resources made available by the cloud.

Cloud adoption is practically universal because cloud technology has provided over a decade of proven value and competitive advantage for its users. There isn't a Fortune 500 company or modern government that isn't now leveraging the capabilities of the cloud in order to better serve their clients.

Recommended by Industry
Respected by Community

Our services proudly empower Northern-owned businesses, community-based organizations and autonomous self-governments across the Arctic.

"Security is of paramount concern in our line of work. We trust Inuvik Web Services with our IT needs because they've demonstrated integrity and professionalism at every turn."

- Les Klapatiuk President International Logistical Support
New North Networks

"We host our website with Inuvik Web Services because they provide the most dependable and secure platform that I am aware of. That way we can focus on providing our community with excellent service and not worry about the status of our website."

- Tom Zubko President New North Networks

"There's no one better equipped or more skilled to provide these services to our community. I'm always impressed with the quality and thoughtfulness of their work."

- Paul Komaromi Arctic Policy Advisor Webhorse Technologies

"We have found Inuvik Web Services to provide excellent service and considerate advice. They listen to our needs as an organization and help us implement cloud resources effectively and affordably."

- Cheryl WilliamsSilvertip Consulting

Proudly Partnered with the World's Leading Tech Companies

We enjoy the support of the industry's largest and most innovative companies. Their support allow us to deliver industry-leading expertise and cutting-edge technologies to private and public organizations across the Canadian Arctic.